What Privacy Tools Does Fouad WhatsApp Offer?

Arise between Last seen and Online_status

Hide Last Seen: With Fouad WhatsApp, you can hide Last Seen and Online. Which is perfect for those who like their voice to be more private and less known soulless broadcast their activities to anyone at all. You may then have the option to disable your last seen from specific or from all contacts, depending on your choice. This personalization also ensures privacy for users so they are interacting in their own time.

Blue Ticks and Read Receipts

The other one is the option to hide blue ticks, read receipts. Standard WhatsApp uses blue ticks to tell you when a message has been read. Users can also disable this in Fouad WhatsApp so that senders will not know that the message has been read. It helps with the privacy and reduces the need to respond immediately. In addition, users can hide the second tick, the symbol of a message being delivered, which gives even more control to the people concerning message visibility.

Typing and Recording Status

With Fouad WhatsApp, users are able to hide the status of their typing and recording. WhatsApp generally shows the typing and voice-over recording features. Users hid these statuses, but to communicate in a way that showed their actions, they needed higher privacy settings.

Advanced Privacy Controls for Contacts

Custom Privacy Links For Few Special Contacts, This is One of the Best Features of the Fouad WhatsApp. Users can customize privacy settings on a contact-by-contact basis to determine who can see their last seen, profile photo, status updates and so on. This fine-grained control guarantees that sensitive data is exposed only to specific employees.

Anti-Delete Messages

An anti-delete messages option : This feature is easily available in Fouad WhatsApp, it works and allows users to view a message already erased by the sender. This could be ideal for follow up conversations or even just to provide context as a layer for transparency. Use this properly and make your user experience better, respect their privacy though.

Call Privacy

In Fouad WhatsApp users can disable calls from specific contacts or altogether via call privacy settings. This tool is also good for preventing unfortunate calls as well as keeping who calls your number through the app under control. The users will have an ability to block calls from a specific person or a number they dont know, thus letting only trusted people to make a call.

App Lock

It also offers an app lock allows the user to lock the app and the number of options where to set the app lock. Users will be able to secure their chats and information with a PIN, password or their fingerprint The ability to seek through recovered content is important to save anything even accidentally spelled, especially with a device in common use.

Now, to know more features about privacy, you can go to the official website of fouad whatsapp to have a detailed overview on all the privacy tools that it renders. It works with the app to inform users of a lot of detailed information and updates to help users to optimize privacy and security during their usage of the app.

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